5G in North America

For over a decade, LTE North America and now 5G North America has been an important source of inspiration, education and transformation for the North American telecommunications sector.


Today, this sector is more ambitious than ever to implement new technologies and services to benefit everyday consumers and businesses. With the advent of 5G upon us, carriers will once again use 5G North America as a platform to announce new technological advancements and lay down their plans for hyper-connectivity across the continent.

The eleventh edition of 5G North America will draw upon leading minds, business influencers and legendary C-Level executives who will discuss the evolution of LTE, early 5G field trials, the business case for 5G and the tech that underpins this transformative technology.

For our latest edition, we pledge to ensure that our audience be presented with exclusive survey findings, industry data, case studies and business intelligence unavailable at any other conference.

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Who are the Leading MVNOs Globally?

The Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) is a worldwide market opportunity that has grown rapidly and is constantly evolving as MVNOs identify how they can achieve differentiation despite not having their own core network assets.


While not every MVNO strictly uses a prepaid services model, many do, and Mind Commerce covers this market in great detail in its research.  We identify Leading MVNO service providers.

Our latest report, Prepaid Wireless and MVNO Outlook: Market Analysis, Vendor Market Shares, Service Provider Revenue (Voice, Data, and Apps,) and Customers by Connection Type (2G, 3G, and 4G), Globally, Regionally, and by Country 2018 – 2023, covers the global prepaid wireless and MVNO marketplace.

We are also pleased to support the upcoming MVNO World Congress.


Join the biggest gathering of MVNO industry experts in one place and visit MVNOs World Congress 2018. From the 23rd to the 26th of April, the MVNO community will come together for 4 days of learning and networking in Madrid at the only dedicated MVNO industry event.

Take a look at the event brochure and decide whether you can really afford to miss out this year: Download now

You can also get 15% off using our exclusive partner discount code at the checkout:

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Who will you meet at MVNOs World 2018


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Decoding Blockchain

With the Blockchain industry developing at a rapid pace, this technology is starting to capture the attention of the financial and banking spheres. It has started to spread its roots in healthcare, insurance, energy and utilities, retail, telecom among many other industries.


Decoding Blockchain KSA 2018 creates an ideal platform for the exchange of knowledge, experience and success in the field of the Blockchain technology application in the modern Middle Eastern world.

Why Attend?

  • The conference will open its doors for your future customers, partners and contractors.
  • Listen to insightful use cases from those actively exploring the blockchain and recognise the technology’s disruptive and innovative potential.
  • Learn about what other companies are currently doing and how they are adopting blockchain to gain a competitive and strategic advantage.

We are bringing together decision makers and creative thinkers in the global Blockchain industry to unite and collectively shape and challenge the future of Blockchain in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Are you interested in this event?
Register or contact
smohan@bizwingzph.com / +91 9538 552 552 | andrea@bizwingzph.com / +91 9739 065 066
for further details.


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Intelligence Analytics 2018

The security challenges facing the U.S. are well-understood; the return of Great Power competition, marked by a resurgent Russia and a confident China; instability in the Middle East; rapid technological change that outpaces policy and practice; proliferation of information and the deluge of data. With this increasingly complex environment, actionable intelligence is critical.


The ability to streamline data from various sources, among several agencies, under critical time pressure is the reason why advancements in predictive and real-time analytics, modernizing infrastructure as well as strengthening of storage capacities and bandwidths capacities, has come to the forefront of the intelligence communities, and is why the 2nd Intelligence Analytics Summit has become the must attend summit of spring.


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AI and IoT 2018

Mark your calendars for the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & IoT (AI & IoT 2018) on August 21-22, 2018 at Paris, France.

Artificial Intelligence, ioT Robotics conferences

The principal objective of AI & IoT 2018 is to provide a prospect for the researchers, scientists, delegates, to interact, discuss and exchange innovative ideas in the various areas of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Internet of Things. The prestigious annual conference will be a great platform for everyone to interact with the leading experts from all these fields.

The consumer robotics sector is in its infantile stage, but is anticipated to exceed all other sectors in terms of scale, variety and impact in the long run

With the substantial amount of capital behind global industrial automation, the industrial robotics sector will continue a healthy growth trajectory, which is supported by many qualitative and quantitative benefits including cost reduction, improved quality, increased production, and improved workplace health and safety.


The global robotics market is broadly segmented into enterprise, industrial, military, and consumer robotics. Major market segments that cross-over industries include Healthcare bots, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and Autonomous Vehicles. Enterprise Robotics includes use of robots for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer services and support. Functions include internal business operations and processes, delivery of goods and services, research, analytics, and other business specific applications.

The military robotics market is an important segment from both an R&D perspective (e.g. many robotics innovations are funded by government/military projects) as well as cross-over into business and consumer markets such as the public safety arena.

Robotics in Industrial, Enterprise, Military, and Consumer Products, Services, and Solutions 2017 – 2022 evaluates the global and regional robotics marketplace including the technologies, companies, and solutions for robots in the Industrial, Enterprise, Military, and Consumer segments. The report includes detailed forecasts for robotics by robot type, components, capabilities, solutions, and connectivity for 2017 to 2022.

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5G and LTE in Latin America

Latin America is a hot market for telecommunications, computing, and data management. By way of example, Latin American operators invested an estimated $779M USD in Big Data solutions last year and the figure is forecast to reach $1.77B by 2022.

On 24-26th April 2018, we you to join us in meeting with the communications community from all over Latin America at the Windsor Convention & Expo Center, Rio de Janeiro.

24-26 April 2018Rio de Janeiro (2)

Together, learn how to overcome market challenges, understand the evolution of 4G networks, the business implications of 5G and the way to change the game for true success of future networks. With brand new content, awards ceremony, plenty of networking sessions and VSAT Latin America as a closely co-located event, 5G & LTE Latin America 2018 is the place to be to secure your role in the 5G ecosystem.

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The Net Neutrality Battleground

The battle for/against Net Neutrality rages on as the FCC puts congress on notice, states fight the federal government, broadband service users fight against carriers, and more.

Net Neutrality

No More Net Neutrality: The Impacts 

The recent ruling change will impact many different types of companies including:

  • Internet Access Companies:
    • Tier I, II, and III Internet Service Providers
    • Inter-Carrier Exchange and Peering providers
    • Cellular Service Providers, MNO, MVNO
    • Wireless, WiFi, WiMax Service Providers
    • Local and Long-Distance Backbone Providers
    • Satellite Internet Service Providers
    • Edge and Hosting Providers
  • Internet Dependent Companies:
    • Web Hosting Providers
    • Cloud and Managed Service Hosting Providers
    • Social Networking Companies
    • Email and other Messaging Companies
    • Voice and Video Communications Companies
  • E-Commerce:
    • Large and Small Online Store Companies
    • Reseller Platform, Logistics Companies
    • Second Market, Classifieds Companies
  • Media Streaming:
    • Video Streaming Companies
    • On-Demand TV Companies
    • Live Sports or News Streaming Companies
    • Music Streaming Service Companies
    • Remote AV Meeting Companies
  • Gaming:
    • Online Gaming Companies
    • VR Provider Companies
    • Mobile Gaming Companies
  • Education:
    • Online Learning Institutions
  • Consumer Groups:
    • Advocacy Groups
    • Political Action Committees
  • Politics:
    • Political Action Committees
    • Local, Regional or National Political Parties
    • Local, Regional or National Politicians and Staff

Virtually any consumer, business or group in the United States that depends on Internet access and interaction to sustain their activities will be impacted!!


Prepared for Mind Commerce by leading expert, John Bysinger, Understanding Net Neutrality and the Impact of the Recent FCC Ruling, provides a technical background and description of the challenges, discussion of points of debate both pro and con, description of the rules themselves, understanding the FCC leadership team, the future impact of the changes, guidelines for acting on legislation and evaluations of how ISPs, consumers, and politicians will react to the change.

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