Internet of Manufacturing Southwest

The Internet of Things (IoT) and various IoT Technology elements are developing along with other important technologies such as Broadband Wireless and Cloud Computing to become the fourth generation of manufacturing known as Industry 4.0.


The Internet of Manufacturing Southwest is the only event bringing together C/VP Level business and technical executives from leading manufacturers, to share best practices and inspire new revenue opportunities. This two-day conference and delivers high-level presentations, hands-on and interactive sessions, and extended networking and team-building activities to an audience of pre-qualified manufacturers.

Regarded as the new industrial revolution, adopting IoT is no longer a question for manufacturers striving to stay relevant in a competitive market. Today’s focus is how to bring speed, scalability and security to connected manufacturing.

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For more information, visit the Mind Commerce Knowledge Center and IoT Technology section.  Also see IoT in Industry Verticals including Connected Manufacturing and Industrial IoT.

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Internet of Health Business Conference

With the entire health industry invested in transitioning from volume to value, various IoT Technology elements are essential to personalize care, enhance patient engagement, reduce readmission rates, prioritize preventative care over expensive medical treatment for chronic diseases, and overall completely revolutionize cost structures and efficiency gains across the health spectrum.


Internet of Health will facilitate an industry-wide conversation between C and VP-level Innovation, Technology and Medical executives from leading payers, healthcare providers and tech innovators to pinpoint specific applications and ROI success stories that will help key stakeholders across the whole health spectrum navigate IoT implementation and optimization.

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For more information, visit the Mind Commerce Knowledge Center and IoT Technology section.  Also see IoT in Industry Verticals.

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IoTBuild US 2017

It takes a lot to build the IoT Ecosystem, which consists of systems, networks, platforms, devices, and more.  The goal is to build a robust and sustainable ecosystem for valuable applications and services.

IoTBuild responds to Internet of Business’ industry research with enterprise IoT investors and developers, who have asked us to address both the business and technical challenges around implementing digital transformation.


The event answers questions on not only gaining business buy-in for IoT projects, but also choosing the best platforms and partners, and developing and implementing IoT applications, devices and services to bring competitive edge.

IoTBuild unites 750+ IoT investors and implementers: 70% of the audience pre-qualified as C/VP level business and IT IoT decision-makers, system architects, software engineers, software and hardware product and development leads.

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For more information, visit the Mind Commerce Knowledge Center and IoT Technology section.

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Mind Commerce supports upcoming Smart Farming Conference

After mechanization, the introduction of mineral fertilizer and the industrialization of production processes, connectivity and data management are now set to unleash the next revolution in the history of farming, smart farming. Precision agriculture has been an evolving reality for some time, but It has now reached a point where it is not only possible to collect vast quantities of data, but also  to control different pieces of equipment or monitor individual animals, the Internet of Things. A growing number of farmers are starting to adopt digital technology and data-driven innovations.



Event: Smart Farming Conference

Date & Location: June 29, 2017, Villa Flora, Venlo, The Netherlands



What new business models will be successful, and will new players disrupt the traditional farming landscape? How to deal with change (from traditional farmer to smart farmer)? How to identify and develop innovative methods for sustainable food production? The conference will answer this kind of questions.

Focus topics: Available technologies for Farming 4.0 (drones (Air / Land), sensors /sensor network, Internet of Things, Big Data, Robotics, Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence, etc); Precision agriculture; 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing; How to deal with change (from traditional farmer to vertical farmer); Cooperation / Sharing Information; Plant and crop science for improved resource-use efficiency (water, nutrients, waste); Cross disciplinary themes

The Smart Farming Conference is part of the first global Innovative Food-Agri Eventa two-day event (Jun 28-29, 2017) that includes 4 dedicated conferences and an exhibition:

For more information on the Smart Farming Conference program and registration we invite you to visit

For more information, visit the Mind Commerce Knowledge Center and IoT Technology section.

Also, learn more about IoT in Agriculture

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What are IoT Database Services ?

As the Internet of Things (IoT) and IoT Technology rapidly expands, so does the complexity of individual IoT Networks and the need for inter-connectivity of networks and IoT Systems comprised of many components such as IoT Platforms.

IoT Database Infrastructure and DB Services supports IoT DaaS and much more.

IoT Connectivity is at both the physical and logical level, requiring support of IoT APIs, signaling, communications, and database infrastructure.


IoT Database Infrastructure and IoT DB Services

With this expansion comes an emerging opportunity for database infrastructure services to support inter-working and access to IoT related resources, most notably data associated with IoT events gathered from IoT Devices such as sensors, smartphones, and wearable technology.

This infrastructure and related services will require advances in IoT Data Management.

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For more information, visit the Mind Commerce Knowledge Center and IoT Technology section.  Also see: IoT Database Infrastructure and DB Services 2017 – 2022

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Internet of Insurance 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) and IoT Technology will be leveraged in many industry verticals.  One sector that is poised for significant transformation is the insurance industry.

The Internet of Insurance event is coming back for its second year. Building on the success of our inaugural edition in New York City last year, the only IoT-centric industry summit analyzing the digital transformation of insurance business models is moving to Austin, TX with the aim of providing a more central location in a thriving technology hub.


Internet of Insurance 2017 will delve into the latest insurance use cases within private auto, fleet and P&C lines, whilst opening up the breadth of opportunities for IoT applications in other product lines such as life insurance, cargo and workers’ compensation.

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For more information, visit the Mind Commerce Knowledge Center and IoT Technology section.  Also see IoT in Industry Verticals.


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IoT in Healthcare: Intelligent Solutions to improve Medical Treatment Quality

Health Care IT Solutions encompass many different technologies including Internet of Things (IoT), Broadband Wireless, robotics, telepresence, Artificial Intelligence, machine communications, Big Data and Analytics.

Leading companies are developing solutions that leverage IoT in innovative ways.

One of those companies, Mevia, provides intelligent solutions to improve the quality of medical treatments. This is done by supporting and enabling people to take the right medication at the right time. This helps improve adherence, which is one of the greatest obstacles to successful medical treatments.

Missed medication and adherence is a huge challenge globally for healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies alike. Up to $289 billion is spent on missed medication and adherence issues in the U.S., and the global pharmaceutical market’s revenue loss is estimated to be $564 billion owing to medication non-adherence, according to the IMS Health Institute.

Mevia has created technology, enabled by Aeris® IoT Solutions platform, which can be adapted to work in blister packs, pill dispensers, and pill pouches, providing patient support and personal adherence feedback in real-time.


Aeris & Mevia Earn Top Enterprise Service Innovation Award from Global Telecoms Business

Mevia then uses GSM, CDMA and LTE networks provided by Aeris to send this data in real-time from the package into Mevia’s information technology system, which can connect instantly with a patient, doctor, care giver or relative in any form of communication that they prefer including short message service, email, phone calls or push notifications via mobile app.

More Information about IoT in Healthcare

For more information, visit the Mind Commerce Knowledge Center and IoT Technology section.  Also see Internet of Things (IoT) in Healthcare: Market Analysis and Forecasts 2016 – 2021


The healthcare industry is poised for big changes, largely propelled by various high tech innovations surrounding connected health and dependent upon certain Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, applications, services, and solutions. The Internet of Healthcare Technology (IoHT) will include many facets including tracking (medical and non-medical assets and people) and the collection and integration of real-time healthcare data with electronic healthcare records (EHR).

Real-time Health Systems (RTHS) will be a key area for IoT in healthcare as Big Data Analytics tools and processes are utilized to evaluate both dynamic and static data for predictive analytics as part of comprehensive healthcare systems improvement programs. There will be a combination of cost savings, improved services, and entirely new service categories as IoHT evolves.

IoT in Healthcare 2016 – 2021 provides an in-depth assessment of the global IoT healthcare market including growth drivers, value chain, vendor analysis, and quantitative assessment of the industry from 2016 to 2021.

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