Where to Canadian Healthcare and HealthTech Professionals Learn about How New Technologies?

Canada’s healthcare system is the subject of much political controversy and debate in the country. Some question the efficiencies of the current system to deliver treatments in a timely fashion and advocate adopting a private system similar to the US. Conversely, there are worries that privatization would lead to inequalities in the health system with only the wealthy being able to afford certain treatments (Canadian Healthcare).

3rd Annual IoT, Big Data Healthcare Summit AI, M2M, Blockchain and New Tech for Health Professionals May 15 and 16, 2018. Toronto, ON


In timely fashion, here comes IoT, Big data, and Artificial intelligence which are and can play an integral role as a game changer of the healthcare sector. Healthcare environments produce a tremendous amount of information because of their process, engagement of multiple players and high volume of users. That data is only going to increase as baby-boomers reach retirement age and require better and more frequent healthcare services.

An opportunity for the ICT industry and health practitioners to discuss the outlook for the Canadian healthcare system

With large cohorts of an aging population and aging infrastructure, service delivery becomes expensive and difficult for cities and governments. Automating systems through utilization of IoT, Big Data, and M2M tools and technologies demonstrate great opportunity to reduce operating costs significantly, utilize those savings more effectively, and provide better services to communities.

The 3rd Annual IoT, Big Data Healthcare Summit; AI, M2M, Blockchain and New Tech for Health Professionals will take place on May 15 and 16, 2018 at BMO Institute for Learning in Toronto, Ontario.

The objective of the conference is to bring the whole healthcare industry under one roof and provide a platform for healthcare practitioners to understand opportunities and challenges IoT, Big Data and other new technologies and tools like Blockchain, AI and M2M offer to Canadian healthcare system.


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