Unstructured Data is the Mother of all Big Data Innovation

Data that is not structured is data that is not orderly, well-defined, and/or associated with other data.  It is uncorrelated, or at least the correlation is not obvious, without Big Data Analytics tools. Unstructured data is also typically massive in scale, such as machine-generated data from industrial processes.

What Innovation will Big Data Bring to your Business?

With advancements of data acquisition, storage and analysis comes the opportunity to truly transform otherwise useless data into meaningful and valuable information. How does one declare information valuable?

magnifying glass on binary code, concept of machine learning

Information is only as valuable as the actions that can be take as a result of analysis and the value of those actions.  This can include either preventing bad things from happening or enabling desired outcomes, especially if those scenarios were not obvious without use of data management tools, analytics, and the use of next generation artificial intelligence technologies such as Machine Learning.

To learn about all of the above and much more, we encourage you to join us at the Big Data Innovation Summit San Francisco.


The discussion-based agenda ( http://bit.ly/2uMvtyv ) has been designed to facilitate conversation and to give you real-world answers to your problems and showcasing best-in-class case studies; providing ample opportunity for you to network and continue the conversation. Join 20+ data experts on April 12 & 13 including:

  • Netflix share best practices in visualizing data performance
  • Uber show you how to improve the customer experience through reinforcement learning methods
  • Apple explains how they make meaningful predictions in real time
  • eBay presents their processes behind managing and purifying their data lake
  • Facebook discusses how to make sense of unstructured data
  • airbnb showcase how they have taken the personal touch in user experience to the next level

Contact Matt for more information at marcher@theiegroup.com or register your exclusive pass with the code MC30 for 30% off: http://bit.ly/2GCKkgi

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