What do you Need to Know about Blockchain?

Answering Your Questions about Blockchain

The entire notion of Distributed Ledgers, Non-centralized Authentication and Authorization, and specific Blockchain solutions can be very daunting.  It’s helpful to be able to network with people that can answer your questions and put you in the right direction.

This is why we recommend attending the one-day conference Blockchain Opportunities Summit will take place at The Globe & Mail Centre in Toronto, on April 10th.


It is confirmed Arup as event sponsor, who will be presenting a white paper at the summit. If you are interested in networking with Blockchain relevant professionals then this is a must-attend event for you.


Agenda, venue information, speakers and more here: DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

Experts say Blockchain will redefine how various industries operate and will reduce cost of doing business and improve efficiency. To find out the impact of this technology on various economic sectors we have gathered experts from public sector, finance, legal, health and industrial sector to discuss opportunities and challenges faced by Blockchain technology in Canada.

I look forward to welcoming you to Blockchain Opportunities Summit on 10th of April.

Blockchain Report


Blockchain Technology and Solutions: Market Outlook and Forecasts 2017 – 2022, examines the technology, leading companies, and solutions in the evolving Blockchain ecosystem.

The report evaluates current and anticipated use cases for Blockchain and assesses the market potential globally, regionally, and segmented by deployment type and industry vertical for the period 2017 to 2022.

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