What are the Key Technologies in Industrial Convergence?

There is an ongoing Industrial Convergence happening across ICT, manufacturing, and enterprise. This convergence is driven largely by Industrial Automation and manifest in the integration of key technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Broadband Wireless (LTE and soon 5G), Cloud Computing, and various Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies and solutions.

The convergence of 5G wireless, artificial intelligence, cloud computing (including mobile edge computing), data analytics, industrial IoT technologies, and advanced robotics is transforming industrial automation and taking manufacturing and other industrial sub-sectors to new heights of productivity and innovation.

Leveraging process automation and industrial data will provide analytics and intelligence, manifest at the retail level as smart products and services that transform lifestyles

While different industrial sub-sectors will realize certain unique benefits, industry as a whole will realize substantial improvements including greater efficiency, new and improved products and services, improved visibility and impact upon product life cycles, and greater flexibility such as products as a service.

Industrial Convergence 300x200

In addition, transformation is underway with the convergence of AI, Cloud infrastructure and processes, advanced Robotics, and IoT enabled Digital Twinning.

A digital twin represents a cyber-world duplicate of a real-world object, which can be virtual any type of object ranging from industrial equipment to a physical product

The combination of AI, Cloud Robotics, Industrial IoT technologies, and Digital Twinning is poised to transform manufacturing to an entirely new level in terms of operational oversight, control, and innovation.


Industrial Convergence: 5G, AI, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, IIoT and Robotics 2017 – 2022 evaluates 5G, AI, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, IIoT and Robotics technologies and solutions in support various industrial segments. The research also assesses the outlook of various converged technologies and solutions such as the integration of teleoperation, robotics, and cloud systems.

This research analyzes the impact of each technology upon industrial automation such as the impact of SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS upon IIoT as well as cloud computing software, platforms, and infrastructure in support of edge computing.

This research includes detailed quantitative analysis with forecasts for the 2017 to 2022 period.

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