The Future of Manufacturing: Smart Factories, Robotics, Teleoperation, and Industrial IoT

The future of manufacturing will be based largely on how effectively factories become smarter and more integrated with various technologies including robotics and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

The combination of Robotics, Teleoperation, and Cloud technologies is poised to transform Industrial Processes

Robotics in industry will continue to become increasingly more sophisticated and data intensive.  The massive amount of data generated by robotics will create opportunities for data analytics and Artificial Intelligence enabled decision support systems.

One of the Primary Goals of the Next Generation Smart Factory is to Bring Digitization to Heavy Industry

IIoT itself is part of a broader trend towards the transformation of industry as part of a fourth industrial revolution (e.g. Industry 4.0) and involves more than just manufacturing.

There are many technologies, companies, and industry organizations working together to realize the Next Generation Smart Factory.  For example, the Industrial Internet Consortium recently announced the establishment of a Smart Factory Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance Testbed.  One of the primary purposes of the Testbed is to create and validate new business models with flexible assignment of production resources across factory locations.

Next Generation Smart Manufacturing will also rely upon the successful integration of many different technologies and solutions such as the convergence of Cloud, Data Management, IoT Platforms.  Solutions based on these areas will enable the next evolution of data analytics in which manufacturing will realize significant tangible and intangible benefits from IoT data.

The evolution of production towards a more flexible and distributed as a service model will also be an important aspect of manufacturing.  3D Printing will be a big part of this evolution and is poised to cause a huge shift in manufacturing, especially when coupled with AI and advancements in IIoT.

In next five years, virtually every human will come into touch with 3D printed products

Every person in the developed world will be positively impacted by 3D printed products thanks to fully integrated, flexible, and distributed manufacturing. Mind Commerce sees 3D Printing as an essential building block, along with 5G, AI, and IIoT in forming next generation smart manufacturing.


Next Generation Smart Factories: Industrial Robotics, IIoT, 3D Printing, and Advanced Data Management evaluates the impact of industrial robotics, IIoT, 3D Printing, and Advanced Data Management upon the manufacturing as well as other product and service creation industries.  The research covers how the Smart Factory of the future will bring digitization to heavy industry. The research includes forecasts for 2017 through 2021 for each technology area in terms of market value expectations and penetration.

About Mind Commerce

Analysis of telecom and ICT infrastructure, technologies, and applications.
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