Learn More about TeleStax RestcommONE Marketplace

In early 2017, TeleStax introduced a marketplace that gives solution providers access to real-time messaging, voice and video applications that can be sold to business customers.

Powered by the company’s Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) enablement platform, the marketplace offering is known as RestcommOne Marketplace.

The company positions this offering as advantages to clients in a few important ways including the ability to “jump into a cloud platform” and SMS-enable a business customer’s desk phone number, or enable a business to escalate a text message conversation to a phone call quickly.

At a high level, the marketplace consists of Service Providers (App Sellers) and Business Applications such as Contact Center Integration, Chatbots, Alarms and Notifications, Social Media, IoT, Order Delivery, M2M, and Money Transfers.

More Information:

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