IoT in Healthcare: Intelligent Solutions to improve Medical Treatment Quality

Health Care IT Solutions encompass many different technologies including Internet of Things (IoT), Broadband Wireless, robotics, telepresence, Artificial Intelligence, machine communications, Big Data and Analytics.

Leading companies are developing solutions that leverage IoT in innovative ways.

One of those companies, Mevia, provides intelligent solutions to improve the quality of medical treatments. This is done by supporting and enabling people to take the right medication at the right time. This helps improve adherence, which is one of the greatest obstacles to successful medical treatments.

Missed medication and adherence is a huge challenge globally for healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies alike. Up to $289 billion is spent on missed medication and adherence issues in the U.S., and the global pharmaceutical market’s revenue loss is estimated to be $564 billion owing to medication non-adherence, according to the IMS Health Institute.

Mevia has created technology, enabled by Aeris® IoT Solutions platform, which can be adapted to work in blister packs, pill dispensers, and pill pouches, providing patient support and personal adherence feedback in real-time.


Aeris & Mevia Earn Top Enterprise Service Innovation Award from Global Telecoms Business

Mevia then uses GSM, CDMA and LTE networks provided by Aeris to send this data in real-time from the package into Mevia’s information technology system, which can connect instantly with a patient, doctor, care giver or relative in any form of communication that they prefer including short message service, email, phone calls or push notifications via mobile app.

More Information about IoT in Healthcare

For more information, visit the Mind Commerce Knowledge Center and IoT Technology section.  Also see Internet of Things (IoT) in Healthcare: Market Analysis and Forecasts 2016 – 2021


The healthcare industry is poised for big changes, largely propelled by various high tech innovations surrounding connected health and dependent upon certain Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, applications, services, and solutions. The Internet of Healthcare Technology (IoHT) will include many facets including tracking (medical and non-medical assets and people) and the collection and integration of real-time healthcare data with electronic healthcare records (EHR).

Real-time Health Systems (RTHS) will be a key area for IoT in healthcare as Big Data Analytics tools and processes are utilized to evaluate both dynamic and static data for predictive analytics as part of comprehensive healthcare systems improvement programs. There will be a combination of cost savings, improved services, and entirely new service categories as IoHT evolves.

IoT in Healthcare 2016 – 2021 provides an in-depth assessment of the global IoT healthcare market including growth drivers, value chain, vendor analysis, and quantitative assessment of the industry from 2016 to 2021.

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