New IoT Data Analytics Platform Announced

Ayla Networks has announced, Ayla Insights 2.0, an upgrade to its value-added IoT platform service that delivers accessible, affordable IoT Data analytics and business intelligence to manufacturers of connected products.

Ayla Networks Announces Ayla Insights 2.0, an Upgrade to its IoT Platform Service for Actionable Business Intelligence

Insights 2.0 adds features that make it easier to track and analyze the distribution and usage of IoT products throughout their complete life cycle.

The company claims the following new features:

  • Geographic distribution allows manufacturers to see where their connected products are distributed geographically—by country, state/province/prefecture, etc.—to track brand presence in specific regions and determine where investments might increase that presence.
  • Advanced filters, drill-down and reporting capabilities—sorted and analyzed by product models, device properties, software version, date ranges and other parameters—help manufacturers understand device and usage patterns at a more granular level.
  • Datapoint analysis helps manufacturers understand and analyze which properties of their connected products are used most commonly and which ones are used the least, so they can better prioritize the design of future IoT products, pinpoint opportunities for new capabilities and enhance the value of their products for end users.
  • Flexible report views, bookmarks and report notification options save time and allow for greater customization in how manufacturers work with Ayla Insights.
  • Transaction/API analysis reveals how often manufacturers’ IoT products are communicating with the Ayla cloud—per day, week, month or year.
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) reports on connected product deployment allow manufacturers to measure the success of their IoT product strategy and to learn where to focus improvements.



For more information, visit the Mind Commerce Knowledge Center and IoT Technology section.


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