What is A-GPS ?

Assisted-GPS (A-GPS) dramatically improves the performance of GPS receivers by providing them with data that they would ordinarily have to download from the GPS satellites. With A-GPS data, GPS receivers can operate faster and more reliably.

Using an embedded GPS receiver / antenna, the handset receives the GPS signals from three or more satellites and calculates its position based on the known orbits of the satellites.


Assisted GPS (A-GPS)

Its advantage versus “standalone” GPS is that it uses the carrier’s internal GPS satellite tracking mechanism (usually provided by a third party, but the information continually updated in software in the Base Station) to essentially keep a running inventory of the three closest satellites to a given cell site to “assist” the handset in quickly finding the satellites within its range.

This “assist” is a big one – it dramatically reduces GPS signal acquisition time, and provides a sort of backup when GPS signals can’t be reached at all due to physical obstacles or weather.

User Perspective/Operational Dimensions: When a caller calls 9-1-1, the handset (e.g. the GPS chipset in the handset) takes measurements both from GPS satellites and the cellular network. Server software in the wireless network synthesizes the two measurements and produces a precise location of the caller.


Presence detection and location determination technologies have rapidly become a key part the Internet of Things (IoT), especially within certain leading industry verticals including healthcare and retail sales. Geo IoT is anticipated to move well beyond simply the ability to determine proximity for commerce and various retail applications. Longer term, presence detection and location determination will be a critical aspect of IoT privacy, security, and preference management for both consumer and industrial applications.

Location-based IoT and Geo Analytics Market Outlook and Forecasts 2017 – 2022 assesses the technologies and market opportunities for presence and location in IoT. The report evaluates specific Geo IoT solutions from leading companies across various industry verticals. The report provides a market outlook and forecasts for 2017 through 2022.

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