Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Sentiment Analysis in Finance

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Sentiment Analysis are changing the way in which numerous client services are offered. In particular, Financial Organisations are creating and leveraging such innovation in the domain of wealth management, while academia, start-ups, and technology companies are creating novel and disruptive applications, particularly in the field of finance.

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This conference showcases recent advances in the field of financial innovation.  There are presentations by leading subject experts from all over the world, as well as a number of application/case study talks and panel sessions.

Some highlights of the conference:

  • Dr Mandie Quartly of IBM on “Data Science and Machine Learning Applied to Business Analytics: Financial and Retail Markets Use Cases”
  • Stephen Pulman, Professor of Computational Linguistics, Oxford University/ TheySay Analytics, presents Multi-Dimensional Sentiment Analysis for Finance
  • Professor Sanjiv Das, University of Santa Clara, USA, describes Text Mining and Networks for Systemic Risk Measurement.

The two days of conference talks are interspersed with panel sessions and round table discussions, where all participants get to network with their peers and with the expert presenters and explore how to apply these methods to the benefits of their clients.

The conference is complemented by a series of workshops on 26, 27 and 28 June.

  • Log Optimal Growth & Kelly Strategy
  • Sentiment Extraction and Applications for Financial Prediction
  • Novel Data Sources and Contents for Financial Markets

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