Monetising Big Data in Telecoms World Summit 2017

Monetising Big Data in Telecoms World Summit 2017 draws together highly-regarded expert speakers from across the ecosystem of telecommunications industry and big data analytics solution providers to present to you the latest key trends and development in monetising internal and external big data.  The highlights of the summit will be Case Studies and Perspectives to be shared by telecoms operators on their experience in implemeting big data strategy in their businesses.

Listen to Presentations and Case Studies for These Important Topics:

  • Telco Transformation: Exploring the Role of Data Analytics in the IoT Ecosystem – and Beyond!
  • Operator Keynote Address – Digital Transformation – A Network and Culture Shift
  • Enhancing Your Customers’ Experience through Big Data Analytics
  • Operator Case Study – Understand the Needs of your Customer to Ensure you Maximise Revenue through Big Data: Do’s and Dont’s for Becoming a Data-driven Organisation
  • Monetizing Broadband Data
  • Age of Robotic Data Scientist
  • How Behavioral Analytics Can Protect Your Most Valuable Asset – Customer Data?
  • Operator Case Study – Turning “Interesting Data” into Valuable Insights – Re-thinking the Way We Work
  • Creating A First Class Data Analytics Team

For more information, please visit event website or contact Phyllis Goh of Symphony Global at Email:

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