What is IoT Orchestration and IoT Mediation ?

Before answering that specific question, it is important to reflect upon the more general question of what is Mediation and Orchestration in Telecom and Computing ?  In lay terms, Orchestration is about automated arrangement, coordination, and management.

Within an Internet of Things (IoT) context, a Google representative apparently defined “orchestration” as multiple connected devices being aware of each other.  We think that is a good start, but there is much more to it.

Mind Commerce IoT Orchestration definition: Balances and Directs IoT Resources with consideration towards the privacy and security needs of IoT resource owners/managers and the needs of resource requesting entities.

Enterprise organizations, or IoT Systems acting on their behalf, are examples of entities requesting access to IoT resources such as sensor data.

IoT Orchestration balances and directs IoT Resources

A related and often interchangeable term, Mediation, represents a function that routes or acts on data/information passing between network elements and network operations.

Within an IoT context, it may be easier to identify what the Mediation function does.

The IoT Mediation function will typically reside in an IoT Platform and serves the purpose of interconnecting (physically and logically) and messaging with other network elements for purposes of mediating requests for data.  In this role, the IoT Mediation Platform is responsible for signaling, communications, and database access with various IoT data resources.


IoT Orchestration and Mediation

These resources may be a supporting IoT Database such as those required for IoT Identity, IoT Device Management, and related Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting of IoT Transactions.  These resources may also embody the repository and/or value-added platforms (such as predictive analytics) associated with IoT Data Management (e.g. raw data captured from sensors, modified data based on analytics, and derived or hybrid data).

IoT Orchestration and Mediation are emerging as key IoT Operations functions at the center stage within the IoT Database Infrastructure and DB Services ecosystem.  This means that these functions are relied upon to orchestrate and media data and access requests, which may be within a Trust Environment from internal entities (e.g. same company) or from non-trusted entities on a cross-company or even cross industry basis.

More Information

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IoT Database Infrastructure and DB Services 2017 – 2022


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