Presence Detection and Sensing: Active and Passive Methods in Telecom and Computing

The definition of Presence in Telecom and Computing networks can be either very broad or very specific depending on whether one is referencing presence in a general sense or application specific.

Presence data may come from many sources including applications, devices, networks, etc.  Presence may be determined physically, but is often determined logically based various attributes such as state, attachment, usage, registration, etc.

Sensing and Presence

Sensing technology may be used to determine the presence of an object.  Presence represents a condition of an object:

  • On-net/off-net
  • In use or not in use
  • Coarse location information
  • Type of interaction with network and/or other objects

Active and Passive Presence Detection Methods

There are many means of determining presence and each has advantages and disadvantages.


Some methods are Passive whereas others are Active methods.  As per illustration, some Active Presence methods, such as “pinging” and HLR using methods such as MAP ATI are more intrusive.

Presence is also an important component of next generation networks.  One need only look at Presence in IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) to see how presence works in conjunction with LTE and IMS capable devices to follow standard presence functions such as “Presentity” publishing presence information and a “Watcher” subscribing to receive presence information (when available) and being Notified when presence events are met.

In the report, Market Opportunity: Presence in IMS, Mind Commerce evaluated how facilitates the implementation of VAS applications in IP Multimedia Subsystem.  However, presence is also an important function in telecom and computing regardless of the architecture involved.

More Information

For more information about this topic and others, Learn More at Mind Commerce.

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