What is Special about IoT Semiconductors and Operating Systems ?

Due to many factors, chipsets designed for IoT systems have unique requirements including the need for optimal energy efficiency. The network effect is clearly evident as the impact of increasingly interconnected IoT systems will cause acceleration in overall demand for IoT chipsets due to the interdependency of platforms, gateways, and devices.


In terms of energy efficiency, IoT chipsets must not unduly tax power sources as many IoT devices in the field will not have ready access to power and must rely on efficient batteries.  The era of chipsets serving only boxes that live indoors and plug into walls (e.g. laptops, smartphones, etc.) is over.

Working hand-in-hand with IoT Chipsets, Real-time Operating Systems (RTOS) are also uniquely needed for IoT.  RTOS is an OS that manages hardware resources, hosts applications, and processes data on real-time basis.

RTOS is a critical component to build comprehensive embedded systems for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for both consumer and industrial IoT (IIoT). Embedded RTOS is a key consideration to build mission critical, reliable IIoT applications across various industry verticals including industrial equipment, automotive, healthcare, telecommunications, government solutions, and more.



IoT Device Semiconductors and Operating Systems: IoT Chipsets and RTOS 2017 – 2022 evaluates the chipset marketplace, analyzes the unique needs of IoT chipsets, and provides a market outlook and forecasts for IoT chipsets by industry vertical, region, and globally through 2022.

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