What Mind Commerce sees coming in 2016 and Beyond

What we see coming in 2016 and Beyond:

  • Artificial Intelligence is becoming a part of Everything: It is getting integrated into everything from machine learning, predictive analytics, security software, intelligent agents, and more.
  • Data is a Central Part of all Corporate Planning: The so-called Data Economy is here to stay. It is pervasive throughout everything from Analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Discovery and Visualization (of data), and more. ICT companies of all types and enterprise in general are learning that data is one of their most valuable assets and there are evolving tools to realized optimal benefits.
  • Cloud Computing is moving beyond IT: Once relegated primarily to IT personnel tasks with reducing costs, cloud computing is becoming a strategic differentiator, enabling companies to more flexibly manage operations, create, and maintain new products and services. It is also continuing to expand beyond pure “computing” to include communications, applications, content, and commerce across a diverse number of industry verticals.
  • The Internet of Things (or Internet of Everything) is becoming more than Just Buzz Words: As meaningful problems find solutions with IoT, and it becomes clear that it is not just technology chasing a need, IoT will become part of the global lexicon of indispensable things, just like Smartphones and the Internet itself.
  • Broadband (particularly wireless) is Enabling Key Technology Areas: While 4G via LTE is currently the worldwide recognized standard for high-speed wireless data, it will pale in comparison to what will be commercially available by 2020 when 5G is in operation. With 5G there will be no perceivable latency, facilitating expansion of a number of advanced applications such as Augmented Reality and Haptic Internet. Interestingly, these applications will cause vast amount of data to come into being, which will drive the need for more expansion in the data economy.

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