Big Data News and Market Developments August 2015

The world of Big Data is rapidly evolving as technologies are increasingly integrated into mainstream business operations.

Here are some of the noteworthy developments from August 2015:

1.    Product news

Name Of the Company Description
Cloudera ·      Cloudera Navigator, an integrated data management and governance solution offering for Hadoop by Cloudera, became a part of its Cloudera Accelerator Program. Cloudera Accelerator Program is a partner program from Cloudera which focuses on the development and certification of applications of partners based on Hadoop technologies.
Dataiku ·      Dataiku’s Data Science Studio (DSS) offering obtained a certification on the data management platform of Cloudera Enterprise 5 edition. This is a part of strategy of Dataiku to provide its customers with the tools, which will enable them to gain competitive advantage leveraging the big data capacities/teams.
Adaptive Insights ·      Adaptive Insights further enhanced its analytics capabilities with the release of its Adaptive Suite 2015.2, which enables the enterprises to leverage the cloud environment to gain improvised visibility of their business performance, through better work force planning, sales modeling and product analysis capabilities.
Tableau Software ·       Tableau Software expanded its geographic presence into China, by opening an office in Shanghai, with a view to enhance its service offerings to the partners and customers in the country.
MemSQL ·       MemSQL enhanced the benefits of its product through the availability of its MemSQL Community Edition product on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace and Microsoft Azure Marketplace.
NGDATA ·       NGDATA enhanced the capabilities of its Lily Enterprise solution by introducing Lily Enterprise v3.2, which provides the enterprises with the ability to take appropriate action for alerts to create personalized offerings for the customers.


·       MapR Technologies enhanced the benefits of its MapR Distribution product through its availability on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, thereby providing the customers with the capabilities to execute Big data projects in the AWS Cloud environment.
Lucidworks ·       Lucidworks enhanced its Fusion offering through the launch of Version 2.0 of the product, which facilitates in real time analytics and accelerates the data retrieval and analysis capabilities.
Sumo Logic ·       Sumo Logic further enhanced its product features by integrating it with the AWS VPC Flow Logs, which enables the companies to strengthen their security and compliance along with gaining deeper visibility and visualizations of their data.
HP ·       HP announced the new release of HP Vertica and also initiated its HP Haven Startup Accelerator program, to provide the enterprises with access to HP Big Data and Application Delivery Management software and services.
Accenture ·       Accenture through its Accenture Analytics Applications Platform launched 5 advanced analytics applications namely Network Predictive Fault Management, Bundle Pricing, Revenue Forecasting, IT Governance and Call Volume Forecaster for the telecommunications industry, to provide them with customized analytics insights to facilitate in better data-driven decision making.

2.    Partnerships & Alliances

Name Of Partner Companies Partnership Description
Splunk, Arrow Electronics ·       Splunk and Arrow Electronic signed a distribution agreement for 22 countries in the European region, whereby Arrow would leverage Splunk capabilities to strengthen its big and analytics solutions offering. Splunk will inturn be benefitted, as it would enable Arrow to distribute Splunk solutions and services, thereby enabling its capacities to offered enhanced services to its resellers.
ClearStory Data, Google ·       ClearStory Data collaborated with Google Cloud Platform to fasten the data analysis capabilities on large and diverse datasets, by the integration of its analysis engine and in-built data preparation and harmonization capabilities with Google Cloud Dataflow.
Hortonworks, NEC ·       Hortonworks partnered with NEC for the distributed processing of big data, which will enable NEC to resell support devices for Hadoop Data Platform (HDP) in Japan and other countries of the Asian region.
Hortonworks, EMC ·       Hortonworks signed a reseller agreement with EMC to become its select partner for EMC’s Technology Connect Partner Program. The agreement will enable EMC to resell Hortonworks Data Platform to its customers.
Zettaset, Thales ·       Zettaset partnered with Thales to offer encryption product for Hadoop and NoSQL, whereby Thales key Authority offering extended the management to Hadoop and NoSQL using Zettaset BDEncrypt client software, which provides the enterprises with encryption control for large databases.
DataStax, Datapipe ·       DataStax partnered with Datapipe to jointly offer Cassandre service, which provides the enterprises with the capabilities to support applications requiring low-latency database access.
Accenture, Duke University ·       Accenture partnered with Duke University to focus on the development of advanced analytics solutions to address client specific challenges, initiating from the health management research.
SAP ·       SAP launched the on-premise 30-day trial edition for its SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA for business processes related in the finance, sales, and procurement and manufacturing functions.
SAP, Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) ·       SAP Partnered with Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) for the development of SAP Tennis Analytics software for coaches and players, which provides them with real-time performance data during live match play.


3.    Contract Wins

Name of Company Name of the Customer Contract Description
Cloudera British Telecommunications Group (BT) ·      Cloudera was selected by British Telecommunications Group (BT) to deploy its Enterprise Data Hub (EDH) offering, which would enable BT to have a unified view of its customers and enable it to reduce the time to rollout broadband services and enhance the performance of its broadband coverage within the UK.
Talend Ellie Mae ·       Talend was selected by Ellie Mae to deploy its Talend Master Data Management (MDM) solution, which will provide Ellie Mae with unified access to its lifecycle management and segment marketing data, thereby enhancing its sales and marketing decision making capabilities.
Adaptive Insights Infoblox ·       Adaptive Insights was selected by Infoblox to deploy its cloud-based solutions, which would enable Infoblox in getting data analysis for strategic insights, which will inturn provide it with business expansion management strategies, through the automation of its FP&A processes.
Adaptive Insights Payzone UK ·       Adaptive Insights was selected by Payzone UK, to offer Adaptive Planning product for the automation of processes and financial forecasts rolling processes, thereby enabling Payzone UK to reduce the errors and planning time and also leverage upon the scenario modeling options to enable its better plan for the variations in the retail spending.
TCS Mother Dairy ·       TCS was selected by Mother Dairy Fruit and Vegetable Private limited, to provide its Sourcing and Procurement Platform, to help Mother Dairy digitize and streamline its RFX and Auction processes, which will enable it to reduce and enhance the transparency in the selection process of the suppliers.
Oracle Allied Bank Limited (ABL) ·       Oracle was selected to offer its Oracle Exadata Database Machine to Allied Bank Limited (ABL), to enable the bank reduce its total cost of ownership , enhance its data protection capabilities and facilitate in the simplification of its IT plans and pacify its expansion plans.
MapR Technologies Terbium Labs ·       MapR Technologies was selected by Terbium Labs, to offer its MapR Distribution product for Matchlight, a data intelligence system, which reduces the risks associated with data breach instances.
MapR Technologies Harte Hanks ·       MapR Technologies was selected by Harte Hanks, whereby Harte Hanks leverages the MapR platform for the data analysis capabilities, to enable its clients in migration, analysis and data storage with reduce time, efforts and cost.
IBM Markor International Home Furnishings ·       IBM was selected by Markor International Home Furnishings to offer its MobileFirst for iOS app to enhance the experience of the customers for shopping. The app enables the sales personnel to place orders, demonstrate products & images of furniture to customers based on personalized recommendations generated on the basis of analysis of customer’s likings and preferences.
SAP Royal Swaziland Sugar Corporation (RSSC) ·       SAP was selected by Royal Swaziland Sugar Corporation (RSSC), to provide its SAP HANA platform and also implemented its SAP Business Suite software, to address the various process involved and rapid-deployment solutions from SAP to address everything including payroll, resource consumption and supply chain functions.
SAP MVV Energie AG ·       SAP was selected by MVV Energie AG to offer SAP CRM including SAP HANA to streamline and strengthen its quotation and order management capabilities, to optimize its operations.

4.    Mergers & Acquisitions

Name of Acquiring Company Name of the acquired Company Description
Tableau Software Infoactive ·       Tableau Software acquired Canada based infographics web app startup company named Infoactive, whereby Tableau plans to leverage the in data & design and mobile & cloud sharing products of Infoactive for its data visualization tool development capabilities.
Hortonworks Onyara ·       Hortonworks plans to acquire Onyara, which would enable the customers in the automation and secured flow of data for the creation of business insights. The acquisition which is expected to be completed in Q3-2015 facilitated Hortonworks to launch Hortonworks DataFlow and will enable the customers in effectively managing and gaining insights from the IoAT data.
Advance 1010data ·       Advance acquired the big data discovery and sharing platform provider 1010data for $500 million, and further plans to provide it with the funding to further accelerate the development of the platform.

5.    Corporate News

Name of Company Description
Datameer ·       Datameer secured a financing of $40 million from leading investors which included ST Telemedia (STT), Top Tier Capital Partners (TTCP), Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB), Software AG, Redpoint, Citi Ventures and Next World Capital. The funding will be used by Datameer for the development of its team across all the business units and also facilitate its global expansion plans.

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