Smart Cities and Data Management

Mind Commerce research indicates that a significant majority of IoT applications will occur within metropolitan areas and will ultimately integrate within a Smart City ecosystem.  For example, our research indicates up to 21% of all communication service provider revenue will be dependent upon Smart Cities by 2020.

Virtually every aspect of ICT within the context of smart cities relies upon data management, which may take many forms including the following:

  • Data capture
  • Data retention (e.g. Data Warehouse)
  • Data analytics
  • Data provisioning
  • Data administration

The benefits of data management for smart cities range from optimizing operation of technologies (which are discussed in the following sections) to leveraging data for optimized city operations such as transportation.  Data management will also be a key aspect for dealing with the vast amounts of data generated from smart buildings, smart grid, smart cars, etc.  Big Data and related analytics technologies will provide various potential benefits including improved security, optimized city spending, and improved city planning.

Mind Commerce anticipates significant investment in both traditional infrastructure (such as intelligent transportation systems) as well as next generation ICT systems (such as sensors monitoring water levels, energy usage, traffic flows, and security cameras, and sending that data directly to city administrators).  In addition, certain governments are making substantial investments in political, human and social capital.


Mind Commerce sees strong global growth for Smart Cities, particularly in the Asia Pac region.  For more information, see our website, or contact us for a briefing.

About Mind Commerce

Analysis of telecom and ICT infrastructure, technologies, and applications.
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