Mobile Financial Services Value Chain

The ecosystem stakeholders include providers of:

  • P2P Transfers
  • Mobile Wallets- Stored value / Prepaid cards
  • Payment Ecosystems
  • Bill Payment
  • Mobile Purchasing NFC and Remote
  • Salary Disbursement
  • Remittances- cash and airtime
  • Mobile Banking (banked, unbanked)


Existing entities that are currently operating in this market place includes:

  • Transportation Authorities
  • Credit Cards and PayPal
  • Mobile Money Ecosystem Providers
  • Remittance Service Providers
  • Mobile Banking and Payment Services
  • Prepaid and Debit Cards
  • Mobile Network Operators
  • Hub Providers (Clearing & Settlement)
  • Technology Vendors
  • International Airtime Transfer Providers

Mobile Payment Solutions: User Interfaces, Mobile Wallets and Banking 2015 – 2020 evaluates the latest mobile payments technologies, mobile wallet options, and the mobile payments ecosystem including credit card companies and other financial institutions. The report also provides in-depth market analysis, forecasting, and value chain assessment for mobile payments through 2020.

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