TeleStax and Telecom APIs

The stated mission of TeleStax is to create an open marketplace for innovative apps for IoT and Telephony built by mainstream developers at a cost and time comparable to building Web and mobile apps.  The company has a vision to facilitate a Telecom API application enabled marketplace that is a frictionless as what Google and Apple have done for telephony in terms of OTT apps.  Quoting the company, “Anything beyond http, php, etc. is ‘scary’ for developers”, they seek to abstract telecom protocols and interfaces such as SMPP from apps developers.  They have stated that “there are only a handful of competent developers that can develop apps via traditional Telecom APIs”.

The company uses a RestComm platform to abstract the telco world (PSTN, SMPP, USSO, SIP, RTP, etc.) from the Web world (HTTP, REST, JSON, Mobile SDKs, etc.).  The platform allows CSPs to expose their core assets through simple, standard APIs that are “Twilio compatible”.

Important to the company’s support of IoT, they see Mobicents as a key component to the IoT ecosystem as it provides an interface by way of SECE between telecom infrastructure, Web and mobile apps, social networks, and more.

The company supports two different revenue source models: (1) Traditional metered access via apps running on RestComm consumer minutes and messages and (2) App Store revenue sharing via apps deployed on SP Branded Restcommhosts, which generate incremental, recurring revenue.

Telecom Network API Marketplace: Strategy, Ecosystem, Players and Forecasts 2015 – 2020 provides an in-depth assessment of the global Telecom Network API market, including business models, business case, best practices, value chain analysis, operator and vendor strategies, vision for the future of telecom data, and a quantitative assessment of the industry from 2015 to 2020.  Clients, partners, and

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