Business Process as a Service (BPaaS)

BPaaS connects customers and suppliers through a common platform that is delivered as SaaS.

Four Benefits of BPaaS 

Organizations looking to optimize performance and free up staff to focus on their core responsibilities should start looking into capabilities they can leverage through BPaaS. Adopting business process management through a cloud solution offers companies several advantages, including:

  • Lower Costs: Traditionally, overseeing and coordinating business processes includes purchasing and maintaining servers to handle the large volume of computing involved in everyday operations management. With a BPaaS solution, business processes are uploaded to a cloud service that performs and monitors them, so companies don’t have to invest in superfluous hardware and maintenance, significantly decreasing costs. 
  • Risk reduction: The pay-as-you-go pricing model offered by BPaaS lets organizations choose which functions they want to use and when they want to use them, versus spending capital for a major platform overhaul which can be expensive and ineffective. Through BPaaS, companies have the option to implement a fully integrated suite of services or test stand-alone offerings. The flexibility offered by the consumption-based model helps mitigate the risks associated with large-scale technology purchases and long-term contracts. 
  • Superior Process Efficiency: Uploading a business process to the cloud ensures that it is well-defined and consistent across the organization. Within a BPaaS web-based platform, different processes can easily be linked and monitored as well. The BPaaS model provides automation, standardization and repeatability in the way the services are used and delivered, thus cutting down on task training and execution time. 
  • Revenue Growth: When business processes are hosted in the cloud, employees can access them anywhere, at any time; with BPaaS creating a more mobile workforce, businesses have the opportunity to expand at an accelerated rate. This portability gives organizations the breathing room to take on more business and produce quality results faster — making for a much healthier bottom line. 

Some examples of business process API providers:

  • Zooz: Is a unique checkout platform that offers a complete and secure payment solution for In-App Payments. Zooz delivers a simple SDK which wraps up multiple payment methods all in one place with a simple code that should take only a few minutes to Integrate. 
  • Alfresco: It is a content management system open source ie free developed in Java, based on open standards and enterprise scale for Windows operating systems Unix Solaris and some versions of Linux. 
  • Workday: Is an on demand (cloud-based) human capital management and financial management software vendor. 
  • FinancialForce Accounting: Is a comprehensive and innovative financial management system that takes a fresh approach to a traditional business function. This online accounting application combines the power of the Salesforce Platform cloud with a groundbreaking accounting system design. FinancialForce Accounting is native to Salesforce CRM. 
  • Coupa: Has been selected by Gartner as the leading provider of solutions that control and drive the Directors of Purchases and Expenses in organizations. Management solutions for Purchasing and Expenditures Coupa are tools for rapid deployment and ease of use, covering all the steps that occur in the procurement process, including RFQ’s, Contracts, Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Estimates, Inventory Management, Reports Expense, among others, allowing each of the audit processes. Coupa enables smarter spending practices, which enables organizations to implement a culture of responsible spending and save money quickly.

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