Big Data in Retail is “Anticipatory” Shipping for Amazon

According to the recent patent filed by Amazon, their invention will anticipate what customers buy to decrease shipping time. Amazon says the shipping system works by analyzing customer data like, purchasing history, product searches, wish lists and shopping cart contents. According to the patent filing, items would be moved from Amazon’s fulfillment center to a shipping hub close to the customer in anticipation of an eventual purchase.

“Anticipatory” Shipping

“Anticipatory” Shipping

“According to one embodiment, a method may include packaging one or more items as a package for eventual shipment to a delivery address, selecting a destination geographical area to which to ship the package, shipping the package to the destination geographical area without completely specifying the deliver address at time of shipment, and while the package is in transit, completely specifying the delivery address for the package,”

Big Data and predictive analysis tools in retail may be used to leverage unstructured data that seems useless to optimize sales operations.  We see retail as a key industry segment for Big Data.

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