From “Big” Data to just Data

Today, we refer to “Big” Data because it relates to the huge challenge (and opportunity) to deal with unstructured data from many sources.  However, the world of tomorrow will have better structure to deal with unstructured data as well as structured data.  The structure that we refer to in this context is the platform and solutions supporting mediation, access, and management of all types of data.

Largely we discuss how Big Data supports business decisions.  In the near future Data becomes the business itself as systems and solutions improve to mine, analyze, and monetize data.  This Data as a Service (DaaS) model is one in which businesses serve other businesses in a business-to-business (B2B) fashion.  In this model, there is a need for mediation/brokering between parties in which data itself becomes the means of trade between companies.

We see an emerging opportunity for DaaS, which is not limited to Big Data (e.g. Unstructured Data), but rather including Structured Data that is from public, private, and hybrid sources. Some of the data will be acquired over Application Programmer Interfaces (API), which may be telephony, enterprise, and/or a “mash-up” hybrid or both.

The expansion of cloud infrastructure and services beyond the current SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS to XaaS will cause the next step function type rise in data.  This data will even more analysis than today’s Big Data as the data in a DaaS model comes from multiple sources and multiple owners/custodians.

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