Network Virtualization to Impact more than Carriers as Enterprise also Reap Benefits

The benefits of virtualization are well understood in the data center world.   How well are they understood when it comes to enterprise scenarios?

CIOs, CFOs and VPs of large enterprises must understand how network virtualization has already made inroads into service provider’s offerings and why it is now time to realize benefits from virtualization solutions.

NFV and Video on Demand

NFV and Video on Demand

Network functions, such as security policies and quality of service, dynamic bandwidth allocation, and mobility management can no longer be handled by physical networks locked inside proprietary boxes. Cost of reinvestment and time taken for technology refresh are simply too long!

In the Mind Commerce report, Virtualization: Impact on Enterprise Networks and Cloud Infrastructure provides critical guidance for enterprise companies of virtualization integration, operation, and including case studies and well-illustrated diagrams. It includes a Total Cost of Ownership section that describes how IT departments can demonstrate pragmatic and customized ROI to their corporate finance departments.

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