Virtualization to Drive Telecom Infrastructure and Managed Services Consolidation

The principle idea of virtualization can be easily described by resource pooling concept. So all resources are seen in one package and managed as a whole. Without any individual dedicated resource allocation to each task, all requirements can be served by whole resources. The concept of each virtualization technique is a resource management idea and covers all IT resources and IT infrastructure layers from hardware and software perspective including application, servers, PCs, storage, different networks and operating systems.

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is an industry-wide initiative that has captured the imagination and commitment of the telecommunications industry.

The trajectory of traffic on fixed and mobile networks has resulted in projections of network load that is growing at a pace that the cost to build and operate current networks and infrastructure will not keep up with the expected revenues.  Some of the drivers for the traffic are mobile communications, video services and the emergence of M2M networks.

Many industry initiatives have focused on improving the bandwidth delivered over the telecom access networks, such as fiber for fixed networks, and a wide portfolio of technologies that improve the spectral efficiency, bandwidth and robustness of mobile networks.  In the case of Network Function Virtualization (NFV), the industry is turning its attention to the core network, which is where the software, appliances, and algorithms that run these complex networks reside.

In the Mind Commerce report, Virtualization in Cloud Computing, Network Infrastructure, Software Services and Platform Services, we evaluate virtualization within the context of Cloud computing, Network Infrastructure, Software Services and Platform Services. The report includes analysis of virtualization opportunities and challenges, use cases, predictions, and forecast through 2014 for the special case of virtualization within telephony: Network Function Virtualization (NFV).

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