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Who really pays the cost for BYOD?

What kinds of new costs and responsibilities does implementing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program  entail? And who bears the brunt of those costs and responsibilities? The answer is unclear. Some analysts believe that users pay most of the … Continue reading

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The Internet of Things Makes Itself Right at Home

Ericsson ConsumerLab just released a report that identifies some of the most important consumer trends for 2014 and among those are: people looking for apps across all sectors of society Internet access everywhere physical surroundings to be as responsive as … Continue reading

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Network Virtualization to Impact more than Carriers as Enterprise also Reap Benefits

The benefits of virtualization are well understood in the data center world.   How well are they understood when it comes to enterprise scenarios? CIOs, CFOs and VPs of large enterprises must understand how network virtualization has already made inroads into … Continue reading

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NFV and SDN offer cutting edge Opportunities to Early Adopters

Because hardware life-cycles have become shorter and technology and service innovation is accelerating, service providers are looking to the cloud for solutions to business and consumer needs for access to data, services and supplies. Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) in conjunction … Continue reading

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Virtualization to Drive Telecom Infrastructure and Managed Services Consolidation

The principle idea of virtualization can be easily described by resource pooling concept. So all resources are seen in one package and managed as a whole. Without any individual dedicated resource allocation to each task, all requirements can be served … Continue reading

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Can Small Business Really Afford Big Data?

Big Data is moving toward ever-increasing adoption as it drives new insights, creates increased marketing effectiveness and helps businesses tailor the customer experience. But is this vital information out of reach for small businesses? Can they afford the cost of … Continue reading

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Offering Great Customer Service Is Still the Real Reason to Access Big Data

The very term “Big Data” causes confusion right from the start because it connotes the idea of volume – a lot of volume. But the issue is not really about how much data there is to sift through, but rather … Continue reading

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