Big Data in CRM offers Opportunities with M2M Solutions

Internet of Things Conference 2013 London, which takes place November 12-13, offers, among other things, insights on the evolution of M2M connecting not only B2B devices, but consumer devices as well, demonstrating the potential to enhance Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

New business models are emerging to enable companies to provide more real-time customer service. This Cisco infographic illustrates the possibilities of M2M connectivity to allow very different companies and businesses to adapt their schedule, workers and locations as they each process the same real-time data about a change in weather.

Rather than waiting for customers to initiate a service call or complaint, M2M solutions notify your service department possibly before the customer is even aware of a problem or issue!

In addition, having real-time information on shipments and product status keeps your customers in the logistics loop, as well as being able to more accurately predict large scale capital needs with fresh input from factories and retail stores.

When customers are satisfied, profits roll in. M2M is opening avenues for bringing in those profits, as Catherine Lynch, Solution Marketing Director, SAP explains the Future of M2M Billing.

The analysis in our report Big Data in Customer Relationship Management explains how Big Data represents big business opportunities. Understanding what Big Data means for CRM is key to moving into the next iteration of M2M.

This report evaluates the utilization of Big Data and analytics to optimize and transform (CRM) systems, processes, and procedures. The report includes case-studies for CRM systems that are employing Big Data.  It also provides analysis of companies providing Big Data solutions for CRM systems and a view into the future of Big Data in CRM including challenges, opportunities, and outlook.

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By: Brenda Spandrio, Marketing Manager

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