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Taking a Strategic View of M2M

The voice services market is largely a zero-sum game, where churn rate is high and getting new customers essentially means luring them to switch carriers. Thus, revenues are flattening and cell phone market is saturated as far as people are … Continue reading

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M2M ROI and Business Case from Enterprise Perspective

M2M Business Case Generally speaking, the Mobile Network Operators (MNO) had not been terribly excited about Machine to Machine (M2M) communications until a few years ago.  That has changed in a big way, as M2M is on the short list … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing Medical Diagnosis

Crowdmed (, a company launched in April, is using the premise that crowdsourcing can be used to solve medical diagnoses, particularly those of rare conditions that have been missed by doctors. They also believe this can help reduce health care … Continue reading

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The Big Data Value Chain

Big data is a collection of data from traditional and digital sources that represents a source for ongoing discovery and analysis. While there is a difference of opinion among industry professionals, many argue that the term ‘Big Data’ should be … Continue reading

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Next Generation 9-1-1 2013

Next Generation 9-1-1 technologies enable improved connectivity between public safety agencies and increasingly mobile, digital and wireless citizens.  With the ubiquity of personal, portable communications tools in all forms, 9-1-1 agencies are faced with the necessity to build the capacity … Continue reading

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Healthcare Technology: Analysis of Social Media and the Internet of Things impact on Public Health

The focus on population health has driven the practice of Public Health for the last 200 years. It has also helped define the types of data used by public health practitioners to inform their work. In the early days of … Continue reading

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