Telecom Network API Opportunities Abound – Revenue to reach $157B by 2018

Network APIs are arguably one of the most highly publicized sources of revenue in addition to the traditional voice, SMS and mobile data operator offering by wireless carriers.

The mobile communications industry is no different from other technology-centric industries in recognizing that collaborating with partners using APIs can be used to create new sources of revenue. Consequently carriers today expose some of their core network capabilities as simple-to-use web-based APIs that can be used by a wide variety of mobile, web and enterprise applications.

Mind Commerce estimates that SMS based API transactions currently lead the market share among individual API categories. However, the SDM API market segment will show the highest growth rate.

On an overall API basis across all API types, we see the biggest opportunities in the Asia Pacific Region followed closely by Western Europe and North America regions.  North America will represent a $43B opportunity by 2018.

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