Video User Experience in LTE World

An anecdotal Case Study:

Wal-Mart has realized this new way of advertising by creating new mobile applications that can be used inside their stores. One of the benefits of the video advertising is that it’s like the old fashion TV ads where it gives the product a good brand name.

Tom and Angela are shopping for home groceries and they are in the fruits section in the mall. A message sent to Angela’s phone saying that it should download the new application for the store which offers them a 5 percent discount on all their purchases. Angela was so excited about that because she gave her number to the customer service couple of weeks ago to keep her updated with the new offers. She turns to Tom telling him about this new offer and how it can save for them some money and keep them up to date with the new offers.

Angela downloaded the software on her Smartphone and she got back to her shopping journey. After a while she got a new notification on her phone telling her that there is a new offer in the women clothing section. She can buy two items and get the 3rd for free. She did not know what these clothes are like so she opens the application and she is directed to a YouTube link to see a full description of the new offer.

Before the video she requested she got a 30 seconds promotional video for this new watch from CK and if she bought it through the website she will get 10 percent discount so she sign up for the website and she bought it online. After that her video started and she saw several new clothes from several brands. She wasn’t convinced yet. She found herself in the YouTube channel for the store and there are other videos for other products and brands. She subscribed to the channel and she started looking for other products as well, while Tom is shopping for groceries.

Angela was so happy with her new application and the offer she is getting out of this application. She bought 3 items with her credit card and they delivered the items to her at the cashier. Tom was amazed that she can do all of that over the phone with no need to go to the store. They went home and Tom was so excited to check this new application so he started to download it on his PC Tablet to see what the fuss is all about.

He downloaded the software and he got an instant 10 percent on his first purchase. Tom got more excited and he starts shopping for a new digital watch. He wasn’t sure which brand to opt for. He saw a promotional video on a new G-shock Casio watch. He did not know much about the features of the G-shock watches. He opened the video to see what’s the new watch is all about. The video showed a man skating on ice wearing the Big Watch. The man lost his way while he is skating and fell off his skating tools. The man was totally lost and did not what to do. He found out that the watch did not damage from the fall. The man started the watch digital compass to find his way out and he got the accurate temperature around him.

After that there is a sensor in this watch shows the altitude of the mountain the man was on, so he knew how far he was from the earth surface and he can tell his exact position from the digital compass. Tom was very excited about this new watch with all its sensors and new technology. He purchased one of those online and he got his 10 percent discount.

We can see here that Video advertising can change really help in boosting sales decisions. Imagine that Tom saw this watch on a website with its images only and a lot of technology jargon being wrote about it. He won’t even bother to read the entire data sheet about the watch and he will be looking for better looking one. The video showed him the exact features of the watch and how it can be used in the tough environments and how it can save lives!

Another example on that matter, imagine there is two cars are being on sale. The two cars has the same colors, same options, same model, everything is the same. The owner of the first car came up to you and said “man, I have this car with electrical windows, power steering, very good air conditioning and ABS. Would you like to buy it?”

You may say, no thanks, I am not interested right now. The owner of the second car he is like “Hello Sir, I have this car and it’s almost new with electrical windows, so you do not need to twist your arms in order to open the windows. Also it has a great power steering so it’s easy to turn with just a small steering effort on the steering wheel. You will not need to worry about stability. Also it has a great air conditioning so in hot summer time you will feel that you’re at home and you won’t feel the heat, please set in it and see how great it is.”

As we can see the second owner builds an image inside the buyer’s brain on how he can use the car and how great is the car and how he can use the features. The same thing with video advertising, when people imagine or see how it will look in real life, they make instant decision. A recent study showed that the video advertising can help buyers make a faster decision.

Recently Wal-Mart, realized the importance of mobile commerce. They started to create their own m-commerce applications for the users. YouTube videos advertising can help in boosting sales. For instance, if a customer just window shopping and then he wanted to check something on YouTube (e.g., a song, some breaking news) then a short 10 seconds advertisement video start before the video and he sees that new Oakley glasses looks great and he opt for one. The customer will automatically think about these glasses and always remember it.

When the customer get back to his/her house and think about sun glasses, the first thing to come to his/her mind would be that advertisement he/she saw on YouTube.  YouTube became a real important website in our daily life. When we think about any videos the first thing that comes to our mind is YouTube. iPhones does not support flash player applications which means that some videos on YouTube will not be played on the iPhone.

The introduction of 4G LTE has set a new era for video communication over a wireless network. As the system infrastructure has evolved so as to provide better QoS support and higher data bandwidth, more exciting video applications and more innovations in video processing are expected. Clearly the purpose of video compression is to save the bandwidth of the communication channel. It is natural to consider whether the interactions between the different network protocol layers can be optimized jointly in end-to-end system design in order to achieve better performance; this is called cross-layer design.

Mobile commerce video advertising approach purpose a new way for consumers to take their decisions. TV used to be the best way for advertising, currently mobile phones are more popular and users shop more online. In the next section we will present a case study on how mobile video advertising can help in enhancing mobile commerce purchasing decisions.

Content-based interactivity is highly connected to UMA but imposes higher expectations and requirements on content understanding supports. In the 4G high-speed communication systems, the mobile TV user may customize the content by manipulating the text, image, audio, video and graphics, and may even access information that is not available in the current system (for example, the player’s information in a motorcycling racing game, or even the dynamic speed of the motorcycle that he/she is currently riding). Consequently, the 4G wireless system may face the challenge that watching TV or movie has been changed from a passive activity to a new user experience with much higher interactivity.

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