Carriers in M2M: Opportunities and Challenges

M2M now is a famous acronym in the industry. Those who have not heard of M2M have certainly been familiar with IoT (Internet of Things) which is based on M2M concept. M2M promises to realize Science Fiction dreams of connected-life by seamlessly integrating machines to carry-out every day mundane tasks without human intervention. M2M is radically changing consumer interaction with utilities, healthcare, local government services, insurance, security and retail.

M2M also enables businesses to provide consumers with products and services that deliver personal, context-based experiences, which will have a profound impact on how organizations do business and relate to their customers.

M2M not only promises efficiency but also empowers the user to configure and automate actions based on stream of data from sensors embedded in devices. Needless to say, businesses have been eager to render services in this domain and increase their revenue potential.

Telecom service providers are important part of the M2M value chain. The operators find themselves at the crux of evolving technology and a certain rush to capitalize on the all the hype created by M2M and IoT. Carriers are perhaps best poised to reap benefits by leveraging their existing network, technical capabilities and brand recognition.

Although M2M is an attractive revenue channel for telecom carriers, it also poses new challenges to them. M2M is entirely different ball-game where the conventional ways of revenue generation are no longer valid. Operators recognize the fact that traditional telecom business model does not apply to M2M domain. Telecom operators have devised various strategies to address this challenge.

This eight-part series will discuss different strategies employed by various operators across the globe. Each part will extensively discuss one strategy and its implications.

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