Elevating Customer Experience and Service Delivery

Subscriber-specific information has the potential to elevate the customer experience to a whole new level, by influencing service delivery in real time. By federating subscriber profile information such as billing plans, service entitlements, spending limits and parental controls, Carriers can create a more dynamic and interactive service delivery environment.

This capability provides an opportunity to both improve the subscriber experience and provide the opportunity to sell more services. This can take some services beyond their traditional usage; allowing Carriers to configure and sell subscriber packages based on criteria such as network access, time of day, location, device type and bandwidth tiers.

Examples of how these capabilities might be deployed include:

  • Broadband customers who have reached their monthly fair usage limit, can purchase additional quota to carry them over to their next billing period
  • A Pay-Per-View experience can be enriched by allowing customers watching on-demand content the option, for example, to purchase a download of the soundtrack from the movie through their remote control
  • Customers who don’t have a subscription to a TV channel can pay for temporary access to a popular series.

Carriers are able to recommend, in real time, additional content, devices or services that others with similar interests enjoyed, to be purchased and dispatched immediately.

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