Self Organizing Network Benefits

Self-configuration: There will be a reduction in human interventions in deployment of network elements.   Network elements shall automatically create logical associations with the remainder of the network.

Self-optimization:  There will be automation of tasks using measurements from the network equipment through various means such as substituting measurements from eNodeB and UE for site survey data.

Neighbor List Optimization: The neighbor list will be automatically updated based on UE measurement reports.

Coverage and Capacity Optimization: There will be appropriate overlapping areas between adjacent cells based on automatic setting of antennas triggered by measurements.

Mobility Robustness Optimization: There will be elimination of unnecessary handover and instead there will be more appropriate handover timing.

Mobility Load Balancing Optimization: There will be automatic reselect of certain UE in congested areas by adjusting the threshold of reselection and handover.

Automatic Fault Identification and Self-healing: Without SON, networks may determine that they are down but are unable to communicate due to node failure.  SON can do a statistical analysis of network logs to determine by inference note faults.

Cell Outage Determination and Recovery: There will be identification of root cause and recovery actions to fix problems.

User Perceived Quality Improvements: Optimization of intra-cell radio quality shall result from taking into account various factors including coverage, type of subscriber, etc.

Energy Savings: There will be a reduction in energy usage.

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