Carrier WiFi, Small Cells, and Advertising

Carrier WiFi and small cells offers the potential for new business models including advertising.  For example, Ericsson’s City Site small cell allows add-on modules for video ad screens, clocks, touchscreen real-time information displays and more.   Ericsson’s small cell, called City Site, consists of a 13-foot-high panel with a base station and an integrated multi-directional antenna.

China Mobile is testing a GSM version of the City Site, but Ericsson says the small cell can also support 3G and LTE. Depending upon the frequency band and coverage and capacity requirements, the City Site can cover anywhere from 50 meters to 200 meters.

Carrier WiFi and Small Cells Value Chain

Carrier WiFi and Small Cells Value Chain

A Qualcomm executive recently said that Qualcomm’s vision of the wireless future includes consumer electronics devices that integrate small cells, which could be used for sharing bandwidth with other nearby mobile users. The small cells would be part of a deployment model Qualcomm calls “Neighborhood Small Cells.”

For more information about our research in small cells and WiFi, see:

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