Mobile OS Marketplace

The mobile operating system (“mobile OS”) provides the personal user experience with the smartphone which includes entertainment, communications and other features.

Since the emergence of Smartphone devices in 2004, there have been a number of major platforms in the market. Just three years ago, there were eight major mobile OS platforms vying for mind share among developers and mobile consumers. But since then Android OS and Apple’s iOS have taken control of the smartphone market.

But the mobile device market has evolved with tablet, PDA, or other digital mobile devices now on the market. There are new mobile OSs, based on Linux that have emerged to try and challenge Android on these other devices.

Mind Commerce provides “Mobile OS: Projected Market 2013- 2018” report. This report evaluates the Mobile OS marketplace including its impact on the growth of the wireless/mobile device marketplace. The report provides insights into the evolution of the mobile OS marketplace. The report analyzes drivers behind the evolution of the Mobile OS products including the improved User Interface of the new generation of mobile devices.  Also, the report examines the latest Mobile OS innovations and business models that could impact the marketplace.

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