Big Data and Mobile Commerce/Marketing

Big Data can be applied to the mobile commerce and mobile marketing as well. Big data already is involved in the e-commerce sector along with social networks as we explained earlier. The Big Data ecosystem in M-commerce is shown in the figure below:

Big Data Capture in Telecom

Big Data Capture in Telecom

With the introduction of Near Field Communication (NFC) and LTE in the telecommunication market the data management has become a big challenge for operators. Big Data in mobile commerce has big opportunities; imagine that you’ll be able to know when you can offer customers your products! And what are their preferences!

Currently all companies are getting into the social media advertising to know more about their customers and how to get to them. One of these methods is advertising on Facebook to advertise for the right customer. With Big Data analytics and platforms companies will be able to know the customer behavior and how they using their phones/devices to purchase goods online.

Big data can be used in social media and mobile commerce to figure out what customer think of a specific product or what they say about any given service. Also it can be used to figure out what they are saying about the competitors. This can help in decision making in respect with new service and the way a company engages in new products or services. Most important, you can determine how sentiment is impacting sales, the effectiveness or receptiveness of your marketing campaigns, the accuracy of your marketing mix (product, price, promotion, and placement), etc.

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