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Logical Building-blocks of M2M

M2M solutions follow the same frame-work with regards to data. There are three basic stages that are common to just about every M2M application. However, when it comes to the finer points of machine to machine communication, every deployment is … Continue reading

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What is a Value-added Service (VAS) ?

It’s not enough to simply say that a VAS application adds value to Core Services. Core Services can be Support Services, Basic Services, or Complementary Services. All VAS share the same characteristics: Not a form of basic service but rather … Continue reading

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Wireless Device Sales and Future of Mobile OS

2012 Q4 Handset Shipment Market Share by OEM Samsung 23.5% Nokia 19.0% Apple 10.5% ZTE 4.6% LG 3.4% Blackberry (RIM) 1.5% Huawei 2.5% Motorola 1.2% TCL (Alcatel) 3.0% Sony Mobile 1.9% HTC 1.3% Lenovo 2.1% Other 27.5% Samsung shipped 70 … Continue reading

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Mobile OS Marketplace

The mobile operating system (“mobile OS”) provides the personal user experience with the smartphone which includes entertainment, communications and other features. Since the emergence of Smartphone devices in 2004, there have been a number of major platforms in the market. … Continue reading

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Big Data and Mobile Commerce/Marketing

Big Data can be applied to the mobile commerce and mobile marketing as well. Big data already is involved in the e-commerce sector along with social networks as we explained earlier. The Big Data ecosystem in M-commerce is shown in … Continue reading

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Mobile Gaming Lifecycle and Analytics/Metrics

Mobile Gaming is represents an opportunity within the wireless ecosystem for entertainment with portable device in multiple location and while moving either on mobile / Smartphone device, PDA, tablet or portable media player. It does not include gaming on computer, … Continue reading

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SDM Industry Roadmap 2012 – 2017

Between 2010 and 2012, the SDM market saw an ever increasing demand for the unification of ID management services. Amid the demand many large multinational Carriers are now able to manage a single subscriber identify across a centralized database encompassing … Continue reading

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