Big Data and Yahoo!

How did the CEO of Yahoo discover that working from home is waste of time?

Recently Yahoo banned working from home.  While some consider this decision rash, others question how the decision was made by the new CEO, Marisa Mayer.

The answer is “Big Data” analysis.  It is understood that Yahooo simply used the Virtual Private Network (VPN) logs as a potential indication if the employees are using it enough to get the work done. This was a live example on how Big Data can be used to take a managerial decision and to improve the company’s resources.  While data only is not an indication, and there is need for analysis, there is also a need for the use of heuristics as opposed to deterministic data and conclusions.

This of course is just one enterprise use of Big Data, and it involves their own enterprise as opposed to consumer information.  However, Big Data is in its infancy and we expect to see many instances in which corporations leverage data for optimization of sales, customer intimacy, and of course profitability.

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