LTE in Industry Verticals

Given its economic feasibility and the growing demand for data applications within the vertical market segments such as public safety, oil, gas and energy production, defense and others, vendors are increasingly pitching LTE as a well suited solution for fulfilling the communication needs among these vertical sectors.

Driven by its promise of diversified services such as broadband access, remote data acquisition, video surveillance and multimedia PTT, private LTE network deployments (e.g. in defense and public safety) and carrier service adoption (e.g. in the construction industry) is already underway in many vertical market segments.

We perceive LTE as a complimentary technology to LMR, and the growth of LTE is unlikely to cannibalize underlying LMR sales. On the contrary it is accretive, and at present the majority of LTE deployments are targeted to provide services such as mobile video that compliment mission critical voice (which is still supported by LMR).

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