Why COPE vs. BYOD?

We have seen growing adoption of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in recent years.  BYOD refers to an IT strategy where employees are allowed to use their personal devices such as laptop, smartphone, tablet or “phablet” to conduct company work either in-addition or instead of company supplied devices.  In contrast, COPE (Corporate Owned Personally Enabled) can ensure same feeling as BYOD provides among employees but with certain key benefits to the enterprise. Under COPE employees are allowed to user their devices for company as well as personal works but it handles the mobile device management (MDM) process differently.

With COPE, employees will be offered to choose a device among a range of pre-approved devices which either will fully or partially be funded by organization. Even their pre-owned devices can be incorporated under the program instead of buying a new device. The company will own the line of corporate network services offered to client devices, thus anytime company can disconnect from corporate networks but the employees will be allowed to use their personal task like, email, social networking, gaming etc. at any stage.

Benefits for COPE Model for Organization:

  • Organization own the line of service deployed on employee devices
  • Company can leverage cost benefits such as cost-sharing model with employees for both devices & usages, pooling minutes, lower cost per device, manageable budget and continual optimization
  • Company can enjoy better control over range of devices, carriers, support services, keeping devices up-to-date, wipe or disconnect devices without infringing personal data & ownership issues, MDM capabilities
  • Legal & HR issues can be minimized
  • Company can keep phone numbers without taking devices when employee leaves
  • The company can be benefited from the employees’ increased activity 

Benefits for COPE Model for Employees:

  • Employee can choose a device that fits their productivity need best among wide range of devices
  • Employee can customize their data, texting, applications, and multimedia plans
  • Employee often enjoy discounted device and service plan that can save their costs
  • Employee gets convenient & best support system for all maintenance from experts

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