2012 in the Rearview Mirror: Cloud, Augmented Reality, and VAS Applications

The year 2012 was a one for the telecommunication industry. Several new technologies have been introduced to the market which changed the way corporations do their business. For example, with the introduction of Cloud applications and Augmented Reality (AR), the telecommunication market has changed in so many ways.

New AR application are beginning to change the way consumers use their mobile phones in various areas including mobile commerce, social networking, and location-based services of many types. For example, these technologies, in various combinations, can be used to provide real-time information (such as the nearest restaurants, gas station or ATMs) with information presented in an AR overlay to the real world.

Mind Commerce expects that the future of the telecommunication industry will grow exponentially in the next few years with AR and Cloud-based applications representing leading Value-added Service (VAS) applications, a source of new revenue, and increased profit margins for service providers.

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About Mind Commerce

Analysis of telecom and ICT infrastructure, technologies, and applications.
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