Strategic Alliances in M2M

A thoughtful, well-planned strategy is prerequisite to success for any business. Strategy is not just about internal functioning of a company but also encompasses customer relations, stake-holder management and partnerships. Likewise, companies that are part of M2M value chain also need specific strategies to ensure their survival in the industry. The strategy employed by these companies is largely due to the structure of M2M Ecosystem.

The M2M Ecosystem is complex because of the necessity of multiple stake-holders to deliver full-fledged solution. This has led to fragmentation in the industry comprising of small and big players which invariably need to co-exist. Furthermore, M2M is a high growth industry which is evolving very fast. Hence, companies need a have a carefully developed strategic plan to ensure strong foothold in a constantly changing environment. Companies are also opting to deliver end-to-end solutions in order to reduce burden of stakeholder management for their clients.  In order to achieve these objectives, alliances become an obvious choice for knowledge sharing and development. Hence, strategic alliances have become a critically important factor for surviving and thriving in this industry.

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