Managing Telecom Infrastructure Suppliers

For most organizations, the responsibility for managing multiple vendor support contracts falls squarely with the Communications or Maintenance Manager. Most organizations do not have the time and resources to proactively manage this non-core business function. And reactive management of the multi-vendor support environment leads to performance and cost inefficiencies. Some organizations try to reduce the burden by bringing in external contractors to help them rationalize their various OEM equipment.

This is an effective strategy for simplifying support if all the equipment is from the one OEM, however for most organizations this is not the case. For the majority of organizations, rationalizing various OEM equipment would require deploying non best of breed equipment and replacing otherwise healthy equipment with new equipment. As such, it is a costly option. Those organizations that manage the function most effectively in-house are those that set up an internal group dedicated to managing the function.

There are advantages in managing the function internally – greater control and rapid responsiveness. However it is complex, expensive (particularly for smaller organizations) and highly inefficient, especially compared to the option of outsourcing. There is growing demand for a single point of contact for support and maintenance contracts. As such, many Australian organizations are now outsourcing the management of multi-vendor support contracts to dedicated multi-vendor support service providers. Below is some example of multi-vendor support.

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