Small Cells as a Service (SCaaS)

Small Cells as a Service (SCaaS) will involve SCaaS providers (notably fixed line Carriers) taking responsibility for some of the most complex aspects of a small cell deployment for the mobile Carriers – negotiating and acquiring thousands of sites, building up an inventory of street furniture, and providing power supplies, backhaul and installation services. It would then host small cells running in the mobile Carrier’s customers’ spectrum.

A similar proposition is Femtocells as a Service or FaaS. Colt Telecom promised its FaaS offering back in 2011, leveraging its Europe wide fiber network and particularly targeting mobile Carriers, which may want a small cell capability separate from that of their hosting network (a concept extensively explored by the US fixed line Carriers during their Clearwire days, as a way to differentiate themselves to end users while sharing a RAN.

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