Super WiFi

The so called “Super WiFi” solution is based on the 802.22 wireless networking standard, which addresses arguably the two biggest issues in wireless broadband: 1) the need for more frequency space to accommodate more users, and 2) greater range and coverage area.

Super Wi-Fi is still in its early stages. Early test cases were made in Houston and Cambridge, England. On January 26th, 2012, the United States moved from the testing phase when the first commercial Super Wi-Fi network was developed in Wilmington, North Carolina by Florida-based company Spectrum Bridge, Inc.  The present Wi-Fi market includes millions of chips and products in homes, enterprise solutions by companies such as Cisco and service providers with solutions by companies like Motorola. The opening of TV White Spaces has created opportunities for all these companies. While it isn’t the only white space solution, Super Wi-Fi has much of the early mover advantage.

Initially, white spaces networking will compete with current technologies like 3G and DSL. It will be a way for wireless Internet providers, especially in rural areas, to send their network over to a main router in a home, which will then redistribute it to devices over Ethernet or standard Wi-Fi connections. It can also provide wireless backhaul for public Wi-Fi routers, or connect to other fixed devices like smart energy meters which would otherwise use 3G.

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