Mobile Gaming: The Playground for Cyber-criminals

Handheld device gaming is growing rapidly. It’s no surprise that mobile gaming has undergone a considerable boom recently with Smartphone and tablet gaming becoming a popular commuting and free time activity. Globally, the interactive gaming market is expected to rise from $60.3 billion in 2012 to $80.3 billion in 2016 – higher growth than for all other media and entertainment sectors. At the same time it has opened the door for cyber-criminals in different ways such as: development of pirated games, taking the business of premium games, and hacking the personal data of gamers.

Hackers earn large revenue from mobile gaming. In many parts of the world gaming piracy is so rampant that the gamers prefer to play pirated Freemium game rather than original premium game. Game developers are also frustrated that Apple grants Game Center support to pirated iOS apps. The most popular mobile game “dead trigger” is pirated so widely that the original game developers were forced to make the game Freemium.

Research indicates that cybercriminals attack more on tablets than other mobile devices because tablets are more expensive and store more personal confidential data sometime the user’s official data.

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