M2M Security and Service Integrity

The issue of relevant protection of assets, people, IPR, client data, systems, processes, services etc. is important and very complex. There are numerous tools and methods to build a proper defense but how the defense should look like depends on each situation. Most important is to look at the situation with open and sober eyes and constantly re-visit the defense strategy and implementation. It is also important to remember that most security incidents happen internally.

Implementing M2M solutions is not different but a couple of specific issues are worthwhile mentioning. M2M solutions often involve automatic collection of data, which can be quite sensitive both from a business and integrity point of view. Integrity is a frequent argument in protests against smart metering or connected car legislation. It is important to analyze what would happen if collected data is destroyed or stolen and maybe combined with data from other sources. M2M systems also tend to be very large and as such they might become more interesting targets for enemies of all sorts and in case of sabotage or fraud the impact might be very big. We obviously don’t want any unauthorized access to our Intelligent Transport Systems, boarder control systems, flight control systems, remote heart monitoring systems or Smart Grids and governments across the globe are working hard with these complicated questions. It is safe to predict that security and integrity issues will remain hot topics onwards.


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