QR Codes Gaining Momentum

QR codes are beginning to build serious market momentum.  Marketers and brands them in wide variety of possible ways. There are some innovative ways marketers are experimenting with QR codes such as Sainsbury’s latest Mobile Scan that allows users to shop with their iPhone or Android phone and pay without unloading their trolley or bags. Another example is American retailer Target is launching a new campaign that will enable in-store shoppers to buy 20 featured toys using QR codes.

As QR codes are connecting with offline customers and switched them to call to action to an online active customer, companies are building a commercially viable relationship to customers through their use.   The main purpose obviously is the Call to Action by optimizing engagement with the customers to encourage them to buy, donate, newsletter sign up, educate, purchase tickets, learn the product or service, vote, etc.

However, there is a need for correct placement and usage of QR codes. Many customers are complaining that they could not scan the code in a bill board as the QR code is placed on the lower side of the bill board or a banner positioning higher above the ground.

In a few years, a critical mass of users embrace QR Codes and they will become as a very effective marketing tool thanks to tremendous growing use of smartphones.   As smartphones are reaching the masses, the QR codes will penetrate the general population and not just be relegated to early adoptors. In a recent study by Mind commerce, we see mobile bar code redemption value to exceed $50B globally by 2017.

For more details, see:


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