Big Data: Major Inflection Point for Telecom and ICT

Big Data represents a major inflection point for the ICT and Telecom sectors as it will transform business asset utility and value forever more.

Telecommunication holds a big part of the Big Data pie. In recent times the industry has experienced an explosion of data attributed to the continual rapid changes (of voice, data, wireless, social media, short-range technologies etc.) in a highly competitive markets space. Data generated in telecoms environment is really big. It can seem overwhelming. Factors that contribute to exponential growth of telecom information include:

  • Number of users (consumer) and employees (enterprise)
  • Number of calls made / number of SMS sent / Megabytes of data consumed
  • Different types of devices (and many devices per user/account)
  • Expansion of different types of features and services
  • Presence and location data

Companies who use legacy systems to gain insights from internally generated data often face issues of high storage costs, long data loading time, long administration process, complex queries, outdated compression techniques, and high support costs.

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