Where is the Money in M2M?

This very relevant question is quite difficult to answer since M2M is the name of an approach (connect compute) and a market definition (all connected machines) used for market reporting. It could be compared to something like Desktop Publishing (DTP), which was an innovation, based on several different technologies in several different industries, a market definition and a concept or approach. A couple of companies were very successful in DTP (i.e. Aldus and Adobe), some industries grew substantially due to DTP (i.e. computer, printer, scanner and paper), a couple of industries were created or substantially impacted (i.e. newspapers and print shops) but the organizations using DTP probably benefited most. It is likely that M2M will develop in a similar fashion and that the biggest winners will be organizations using M2M solutions.

There are two general ways to approach the question: the values created by the M2M solutions and the sales of the bits and pieces of the M2M solutions. The operational and strategic values created are different from organization to organization and often something they don’t want to share. They can be measured in money but also using other metrics. The most reasonable approach is to look at impact and benefits industry by industry.

When looking at sales of bits and pieces of the M2M solutions the issues are that few are “off the shelves” products, the variety of solutions are big (i.e. fixed phone networks, mobile networks, LAN and PAN solutions) and the need for development, integration and implementation both from an ICT and processes point of view using in-house resources and consultants. Except for some well-covered sub-markets (i.e. mobile network modules and mobile operator M2M subscriptions) it is difficult to track and trace M2M using this approach as well. So except from few generic and easily measurable M2M components (primarily M2M modules and cellular M2M subscriptions) the most reasonable approach also here is to look at the situation industry by industry.

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